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TechniKIS: Clothing Information System

TechniKIS Clothing Information System consists of a number of software modules that are linked to a central database server. This server is the 'brain' for all TechniKIS modules and forms the heart of the TechniKIS network. Below we describe some of the main modules.

TechniKIS Administration

TechniKIS Administration allows you to monitor the entire logistics process and to properly configure the sorting of all laundry. In addition, it offers a detailed insight into the productivity of your business. Functionalities within this module assure a proper setup of the entire route each garment travels. This system is mainly developed for the processing of personal clothing.

TechniKIS Administration also offers various sorting and billing capabilities. Cost allocation can be done in many ways and various reports can be generated in that regard, be it residential-, financial- or clothing information. Costs for each operation can be managed and you can even supply custom information to your clients for insight related to sorting and pricing. TechniKIS will save you time and money making the process more efficient and increase your customer satisfaction.

By activating an additional Finance module, TechniKIS will also handle the financial side of your business using production data at any level. This module also enables advanced export capabilities to various file formats required for import to other software packages.

TechniKIS Relation

TechniKIS Relation is a module designed for the handling and processing of personal clothing with your customers. Barcode identification assures that each unique garment is recognized as such.

To actively use TechniKIS Relation, a permanent network connection to the laundry database server is preferred but not required; new data can be sent with a temporary internet connection.

TechniKIS Prescan

This method of scanning is done on arrival of clothing in the laundry. While scanning, pre-sorting can be applied, for instance by washing procedure or the splitting of batches. You will always have a clear overview of the location of every garment in the laundry and where it has been scanned.

TechniKIS Cleanscan

Within TechniKIS, our hardware handles the efficient sorting and tracking of clothing, downing sorting errors to a minimum. Cleanscan can be applied as the missing link to emphasize what actions must be taken on any specific garment before processing, or even stop the garment from being processed if it's tagged to.

When sorting items with barcode, numbers are measured from 250 to 310 garments per hour. With alphanumeric identifiers, the count is 220 to 230 garments per hour.