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TechniX Garment System

TechniX Garment System is a patented garment distribution system that issues a unique combination of benefits giving you an absolute improvement in comparison to other traditional distribution systems.

Fast garment distribution

Garment issuance is optimized for fast distribution, eliminating queues. Three key factors making this possible are intelligent loading, compressed storage of clothing and the mechanism used to present garments to the user.

Automated loading system

TechniX GS is equipped with an automated loading system distinguishing itself from competing techniques by its simplicity, ease of use and minimal required effort by your staff.

User-friendly interface

With an easy to use touch screen interface users are able to quickly identify themselves to the system, allowing even faster garment distribution and eliminate queues.

Garment depositing

The scanning system handling deposited garments operates in a simple but highly efficient manner. Key features are a rapid processing of incoming garments, simultaneous registration as well as a high buffering capacity.

Space saving

TechniX GS has unique patented storage capabilities allowing substantial reduction of the periphery required.


Software for TechniX Garment System is designed for maximum control of your corporate clothing, giving you all the information you need, for instance:

  • Garments in circulation
  • Tracking the cleaning process
  • User information

You'll always have a clear overview of the status of your entire distribution process.