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TechniX Wardrobe System

TechniX Wardrobe System can be applied in any situation where clothing for you and your visitors should be temporarily stored. TechniX WS ensures optimum utilization of your fully automated wardrobe. Fast, safe and simple.

After identifying, a visitor inserts his or her garment into the system where it'll be stored securely. Clothing is inaccessible to any other user; only through the receipt issued on insertion, a garment can be withdrawn by its owner. If desired, a fee can be charged using an optional coin box.

TechniX Wardrobe System is applicable to a variety of occasions, for instance:

  • Conference Centres
  • Theatres
  • Music halls
  • Concerts
  • Hotels
  • Discos
  • Cinemas

The front of the machine can be designed to fit any decor. Although a new concept, its reliability is ensured by the professional experience of design engineers with similar garment systems like those used in hospitals, nursing homes and industrial environments.